NFPA 25: Updates For Inspectors


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Course Description:

This three (3) hour seminar is specifically for Florida inspectors of water-based fire suppression systems. The maintenance of fire protection systems is foundational to a successful fire and life safety program. This seminar reviews the requirement of the 2011 edition of NFPA 25 along with a preview of what is found in the 2014 edition and what is being proposed for future editions. A review of the basic requirements for water-based systems and water supplies along with how they function is conducted.

The course discusses the scope and purpose of the standard, its organization, and the roles of the stakeholders involved in ensuring compliance. It includes an examination of the inspection, testing, and maintenance of the various types of sprinkler systems, standpipe and hose systems, hydrants, fire pumps, and water storage tanks. The course also includes the requirements for items such as accessibility to system components, record keeping, identifying building changes affecting the fire protection systems, and obstructions. This course gives particular attention to the issues that are unique to Florida including system tagging, reporting of deficiencies, multi-unit residential accessibility, third-party reporting and inspector/contractor liability.

3.0 Hour CE – Technical
Instructor: Robert Caputo

This course requires that a minimum total time of 180 minutes is spent in the coursework. This course has been divided into 2 separate video sessions to deliver the course content. When you are in a lesson, you must complete the video content before you will be permitted to proceed to the next page. If you need to take a break, you can do so in between each lesson.

The lessons are set to a minimum time but you can take as much time as you need beyond that. Don’t rush through the material in the lessons and feel free to take notes.

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