Fire Sprinkler Installation and Placement per NFPA 13 (FL)


This seminar focuses on the requirements of the NFPA 13 Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems regarding the layout and installation of fire sprinkler systems. It includes an overview of the requirements for selecting the correct occupancy/hazard classification. Acceptable water supplies is reviewed along with approved arrangements. The major types of sprinkler systems are discussed along with the specific requirements for each. The requirements that system components must meet in order to be installed with a sprinkler system are examined including those for sprinklers, pipe, fittings, valves, fire department connections, hangers, and bracing. The installation requirements for piping, hangers, bracing, fire department connections, and valves are discussed in detail.

The remaining seminar time is dedicated to the use of sprinklers. The use of the various types of sprinklers is reviewed along with the requirements for location, spacing, area of coverage, and deflector position. The unique requirements associated with ceiling pockets, thermal sensitivity, clearance from storage, sloped ceilings and roofs are reviewed. An extensive examination of the requirements for positioning sprinklers to avoid obstructions to spray patterns is conducted along with videos and hands-on activities using real-world scenarios.

At the completion of this seminar, the participant should be able to:

  • Verify that the correct hazard has been selected for determining design criteria and needed water supplies
  • Explain the requirements for the four main sprinkler system types
  • Locate and apply the requirements for the use of essential system components
  • Locate and apply the installation requirements for system components
  • Locate and apply the requirements for the use of sprinklers.

5.0 Hour CE – Technical
Instructor: Steven Scandaliato

This course is approved for:

  • FL Fire Protection Contractor 1 & 2
  • FL Fire Safety Inspector 1
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