Sprinkler Challenge Common Misunderstood Sections of NFPA 13

Tanya Haun

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Description: At the conclusion of this course, participants will better understand many of the common misunderstood requirements and common errors associated with the design and installation of fire sprinkler systems. Participants will have the ability to locate resources to assist them in addressing conflicts in the application of the standard when addressing concerns of owners, AHJ’s, sprinkler systems designers and installers. 

Audience: Fire protection contractors, AHJs, Facility management, building engineers, Insurance professionals, General Contractors, and project managers

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this seminar, the attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the various types of sprinkler systems and their basic functions and applications.
  • Demonstrate an ability to navigate the standards utilizing the Table of Contents and Indexes provided. 
  • Differentiate between spacing and location requirements for the various sprinkler types 
  • Understand the application of storage sprinklers, standard sprinklers, ESFR sprinklers and residential sprinklers. 
  • Apply the requirements for larger design areas when unprotected combustible concealed spaces are present.
  • Identify where specific application window sprinklers are required.
  • Apply opportunities for new technology and alternative arrangements for special situations.
  • Allowable areas for sprinkler omissions.
  • Area/density modifiers applied to various situations. 

2.0 Hours Continuing Education

Instructor: Bob Caputo