Sprinkler Design using NFPA 13 – 2019

Tanya Haun

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Course Description
Many people in the fire sprinkler industry got their start in the design department or out in the field joining the installation crew. Either way, in many cases, they were handed a “red book” or NFPA 13 code book and told to read it and they will make a life for themselves. Not a good way to get started. Unfortunately, a method of employment that is still practiced today. The perception that goes with this is that all the answers must be in “the book”. A tragic unintended consequence. This seminar will focus squarely on the methodology of NFPA 13 with insight on how the NFPA 13 committee works and the process used to evaluate new proposals as well as change and revise existing ones. You do not want to miss the chance to better understand NFPA 13 and its intentions.

8 Hours Contining Education
Instructor – Steven Scandaliato

Learning Objectives:
1. Be able to identify construction definitions without using the Standard.
2. Be able to compare the difference between construction definitions and the impact it has on the design.
3. Readily identify the four major obstruction classifications and apply the rules that go with each.
4. Identify pocket and clouded ceilings and apply the rules that go with each.