Fire Flow & Demand (FP14212)


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Fire Flow & Demand Course Description:

Determining the required fire flow for a building using the provision of the Florida Fire Prevention Code and applying reasonable alternatives when it is not practical.

At the end of this session the student will be able to:

  1. Apply the Royer Nelson (Iowa) formula for fireground tactics
  2. Apply the National Fire Academy formula for fireground tactics
  3. Use the ISO fire flow formula
  4. Use FFPC 1 Table Minimum Required Fire Flow and Flow Duration for Buildings
  5. Apply reductions to FFPC 1 Table requirements
  6. Evaluate alternative fire flows using NFPA 1142, Standard on Water Supplies for Suburban and Rural Fire Fighting

This course will:

  • Review of fire dynamics and fuel controlled vs oxygen controlled fires.
  • Review early fireground fire flow tests (Royer Nelson)
  • Discuss NFA fire flow formula
  • Evaluate the ISO fire flow methodology
  • Review of the water flow requirements as defined in the FL Fire Prevention Code
  • Review of the fire flow requirements as described in NFPA 1:18
  • Review of alternative water supplies as described in FNPA 1142

4.0 Hour CE – Technical
Instructor: Karl K. Thompson

This course is approved for:

  • FL Fire Protection Contractor 1 & 2
  • FL Fire Protection Contractor 5
  • FL Water Based Inspectors
  • FL Fire Safey Inspector 1
  • FL Fire Code Administrators


  • The licensee must personally spend a minimum of 220 minutes on the coursework.