6 Hour FASA/BASA Renewal (FL #CRS200)

Tanya Haun

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Course Description:

This course is for those technicians already having completed the 14-hour initial training and just needed to complete their 6-hour renewal as is required by Florida law every 2 years. This class will complete their obligation for FASA training. This class will discuss fire alarms, their components, the codes associated with both topics. Additional instruction will provide you with valuable insight into how to prevent false alarms.

This course will discuss FASA / BASA topics including:

4 Hours Technical shall include the following subjects, but is not limited to these topics:

  • Circuits and Pathways
  • Wiring 
  • Initiating
  • Notification
  • Outputs
  • Programming
  • Plans and permits 
  • DACT
  • DACRs
  • Addressable and Conventional Systems
  • Central, Remote, Proprietary Stations 
  • Inspection Testing and Maintenance 
  • Trouble shooting fire alarm systems 
  • Describe how the system components interrelate as well as discussion on other systems such as wet, foam, and dry chemical.
  • Troubleshooting fire alarm panels, NAC, and interconnected devices.

1 Hour Business Practices shall include the following:

  • Instruction will center around Florida Administrative Code and Florida State Statutes and how to achieve compliance with these as well as code compliance.  Additional instruction will be provided on common business practices to ensure the inspector is efficient and safe. Instructor will provide case law study on several civil suits that resulted in major fatalities, injuries, and/or property loss.  Due to the time restraints the instructor will focus on improper installation, lack of maintenance and/or operator error case studies.

2 Hours False Alarm Prevention shall include the following:

  • Common causes of false alarms
  • How to reduce false alarms
  • Civil suits and legal action resulting from false alarms.

This course is approved for:

  • Alarm Contractor I & II FASA / BASA Renewal


  • The licensee must personally spend a minimum of 300 minutes on the coursework.


FASA/BASA Badges are available and can be purchased for $30. To purchase a badge first complete the badge attestation form. Once you fill out the form, please complete your purchase below.