14 Hour FASA/BASA (FL #CRS199)

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Course Description:

Combination 14 Hour FASA and BASA. This course is for those technicians to complete their obligation for both their 14-hour entry-level BASA and FASA training. Both burglar alarm technicians and fire alarm technicians must complete training within 90 days of the date of hire.

This class will introduce you to fire alarms, their components, the codes associated with both topics. Additional instruction will provide you with valuable insight in how to prevent false alarms, discuss workers’ compensation, workplace safety, business practices, how to negotiate codes and laws associated with your field as well as discussing effective communications with internal and external customers.

8 Hours Technical shall include the following subjects, but is not limited to these topics:

  • Florida Statute 489.5185 (2014)
  • Florida Statute 633.701 633.348 (2014)
  • Florida Statute 893.11 (2014)
  • Florida Administrative Code 69A-48 and 49 (2014)
  • Florida Building Code Section 907 (2014)
  • Florida Building Code Section 11-4.28 (ADA Accessibility)
  • Resistors
  • Resistors in series
  • Parallel resistors
  • Voltage drop in copper wire
  • Ohm’s Law
  • Initiating devices
  • Notification devices
  • Zoned and addressable fire alarm systems
  • Fire alarm system circuitry
  • Fire alarm system backup battery
  • Fire alarm symbols
  • Fire alarm system record of completion

1 Hour Workers Compensation shall include the following:

This lesson is designed for company personnel who handle workers compensation insurance, as well as for risk managers. This course will address:

  • Why workers compensation is a required coverage for employers, the law
  • Coverage, and types of markets
  • How to save money by controlling risks and controlling the experience mods
  • The basics of setting up and implementing a safety program and its effect on workers compensation costs, especially as it helps the small employer.
  • How pre- and post-employment practices can help control workers compensation with consideration to also meeting ADA employment requirements.
  • Self-insured programs, elements, and the pros and cons of being self-insured, as well as self-insured funds.

1 Hour Safety shall include the following:

This lesson will discuss OSHA Subpart C topics including:

  • Major components
  • frequently cited parts
  • “general duty” clause
  • accident prevention
  • training & education
  • enforcement
  • inspections
  • citations
  • other related

1 Hour Business Practices shall include the following:

The objective of this lesson is to provide a review of communication skills that are integrally related to how your audience perceives you. In today’s business world, much of our communication occurs in written form – via email or business letters, and we’re going to review skills that are essential for your written communication to be taken seriously and viewed as professional.

1 Hour Florida Building Code shall include the following:

Discussion on how to achieve compliance in the 5th Ed. Florida Building Code utilizing proper

design for occupancy types, installation, and ITM.

2 Hours False Alarm Prevention shall include the following:

  • Common causes of false alarms
  • How to reduce false alarms
  • Civil suits and legal action resulting from false alarms.

14.0 Hour CE – FASA / BASA
Instructor: Shar Beddow

This course is approved for:

  • Alarm Contractor I & II


This course requires that a minimum total time of 14 hours is spent in the coursework. When you are in a lesson, you must complete the video content before you will be permitted to proceed to the next video.


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