The Value of your Service Brand


Course Description:

Discover how to use technology to take service activities online to strengthen customer relationships and maximize the value of your brand. In this three-part course, business leaders will learn how to:

  • Sell a premium program worth a premium price that builds long-term customer relationships
  • Move customer service online and earn marketing impressions from every service call
  • Create a website supports customer service, sales, and customer retention programs

Developed for owners and senior leaders in service operations, sales, and customer service.  

You will learn how to use technology to connect with customers and maximize the value of your brand.

1.0 Hour CEU

Presented By: Billy Marshall of Service Trade

This course is approved for all license types:

  • FEP – Portables
  • PEK – Pre-Engineered Kitchen
  • PEI – Pre-Engineered Industrial
  • ESP – Engineered Fire Suppression
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