NFPA 72 Fire Alarm System Testing and Inspections



This 4 Hour class will review the requirements of the Florida Fire Prevention code (NFPA1) per 69A-60 and 633.202, and what is required for proper system maintenance, testing and inspections. We will look at the requirements for periodic inspections and testing of fire alarm systems. State requirements for properly qualified technicians will be explained. The periodic frequencies and other key definitions will also be reviewed.   This class will reference the FFPC 2020 edition, NFPA 1 2018 Edition and NFPA 72. 2016 edition.


Welcome and Review of Course

FFPC 2020 edition
Applicable sections

  • Chapter 2 Referenced documents.
  • Chapter 13 Fire Protection Systems

Scope and Purpose of NFPA 72 Chapter 14 Test and Inspections

  • Reasons for inspections and testing
  • Acceptance, reacceptance & Periodic Inspections and testing
  • Inspection Frequencies
  • Testing Frequencies
    • Heat detector testing
    • Smoke detector sensitivity testing
    • Documentation

4 Hours of Continuing Education

Instructor: Tom Parrish

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