Florida Fire Protection System Contractor 5


This bundle is only for Contractor V. It contains the required 14 hours for license renewal through the State Fire Marshall’s office (not approved through FL DBPR). Courses include:

Core Classes:

  • OSHA Updates for the Construction Industry (FP16397)
  • Top 5 Employment Issues in Construction (FP16398)
  • Guide To Understanding Workmans Comp (FP16396)


  • Fire Flow & Demand (FP14212)
  • Go With The Flow (FP14245)
  • NFPA 20 Fire Pumps (Design & Installation) (FP16340)
  • Total Concept Fire Protection (FP17361)
  • Underground in Florida (FP17352)
  • ELSS, Highrise and 61G-15 Challenges (FP14226)
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