Florida Fire Protection System Contractor 1 & 2


This bundle is only for Contractor I and II. It contains the requisite 32 hours for license renewal, including 3 hours of core courses:

Core Courses:

  • OSHA Updates for the Construction Industry (FP16397)
  • Top 5 Employment Issues in Construction (FP16398)
  • Guide To Understanding Workmans Comp (FP16396)

Technical Courses:

  • Hydraulic Cals for Fire Sprinkler Systems (Mod 1) (FP16910)
  • Sprinkler Design using NFPA 13 – 2019 (FP17075)
  • 5 Sprinklers That Solve Design Problems (FP17355)
  • Breezeways Corridors Buildings NFPA 13R (FP17353)
  • Corrosion Resistance In Seaside Applications (FP17351)
  • Deciding On The Best Dry Sprinkler System Air Supply (FP17356)
  • Fire Protection Under Construction – NFPA 241 (FP17357)
  • Fire Pumps Tips, Tricks & Trouble Shooting (FP17358)
  • Main Drain Test Water Flow Test Procedures and Frequencies (FP17354)
  • Maximize Storage Fire Sprinkler System Design (FP17360)
  • Sprinkler Challenge Common Misunderstood Sections of NFPA 13 (FP17348)
  • Total Concept Fire Protection (FP17361), Underground in Florida (FP17352)
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