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32 Hr(s)
Sprinklers & Suppression
Approved For:
• Florida
• Sprinkler Contractor 1 & 2

Florida Fire Protection System Contractor 1 & 2

This bundle is only for Contractor I and II. It contains the requisite 32 hours for license renewal, including 3 hours of core courses: Core Courses:
  • Guide To Understanding Workmans Comp (FP16396)
  • Bid, Performance, and Payment Bonds (FP5381 )
  • Jobsite Safety (FP19222)
Technical Courses:
  • Acceptance Testing Fire Pumps (FP19223)
  • Diesel Fire Pump Installation Requirements (FP19217)
  • Field Supervisor Training, Part 1: Improving Productivity (FP19229)
  • Field Supervisor Training, Part 2: Driving Success with Leadership Skills (FP19230)
  • Fire Alarm Systems for Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems (FP19226)
  • Installation of System Components (FP19218)
  • NFPA 25 Internal Assessment and Obstruction Investigation (FP19224)
  • No-Flow Testing of Fire Pumps (FP19227)
  • Proposed Updates to NFPA 13R/ 13D, 2025 Edition (FP19233)
  • Proposed Updates to NFPA 20, 2025 Edition (FP19231)
  • Breezeways Corridors Buildings NFPA 13R (FP17353)
  • Water Storage Tanks (FP17350)
  • Hydraulic Cals for Fire Sprinkler Systems (Mod 2) (FP17347)
  • Fire Pumps Tips, Tricks & Trouble Shooting (FP17358)
  • Sprinkler Types and Characteristics (FP19219)
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