The NFPA Code Process (WI-22153)

Tanya Haun

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Course Description:

This course will expose the student to the intricate process of how the NFPA codes are developed and maintained.

1 Hour of Continuing Education

This course is approved for:

  • Wisconsin – Automatic Fire Sprinkler Contractor
  • Wisconsin – Automatic Fire Sprinkler Contractor Maintenance
  • Wisconsin – Automatic Fire Sprinkler System Tester
  • Wisconsin – Automatic Fire Sprinkler Fitter


  • The licensee must personally spend a minimum of 50 minutes on the coursework.

When you are in a lesson, you must spend the required time in the lesson before you will be permitted to proceed to the next page. If you need to take a break, you can do so in between each lesson.

The lessons are set to a minimum time but you can take as much time as you need beyond that. Don’t rush through the material in the lessons and feel free to take notes.