Florida Fire Prevention Code 5TH Edition: FED (FP4460)


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Course Description:

This course will discuss Florida Statute 633, Florida Administrative Code 69A-21, NFPA 1 chapter 13, and NFPA 101 as it applies to fire equipment dealers. Also, the topics of apartment buildings, assembly occupancies, business occupancies, daycare occupancies, detention and correctional occupancies, educational occupancies, health care occupancies, hotels and dormitories, mercantile occupancies, and residential board and care occupancies, will be covered.

4.0 Hour CE – Technical

This course is approved for:

  • Fire Equipment Class A, B, C, D Licenses
  • Fire Equipment Class 1 and 4 Permits


  • The licensee/permittee must personally spend a minimum of 220 minutes on the coursework, split into 4 lessons of 55 minutes each.