Corrosion Resistance In Seaside Applications (FP17351)

Tanya Haun

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Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to give participants an overview of how the fire protection industry and fire sprinklers specifically are affected by corrosion. We conclude this presentation with a review of data gathered from ongoing experiments that offer real world results from sprinklers installed in seaside environments. We will specifically discuss the following:   

  • Types of corrosion as it relates to fire sprinklers.
  • Functional vs aesthetic corrosion.
  • External vs internal corrosion.
  • Relative information in NFPA standards 13 and 25.
  • UL and FM requirements for corrosion resistance.
  • Optional coatings and materials.

Learning Objectives

  • A review of experimental data from actual installations.
  • How to identify signs and types of corrosion.
  • Understand NFPA requirements for installation and replacement of sprinklers when corrosion is present.
  • Understand similarities and differences between listing agencies in regard to corrosion resistance.
  • Create an awareness of the available coatings and finishes available in the marketplace.
  • Obtain data on the actual performance of those finishes in real life applications  

1 Hour Continuing Education
George Nicola

The lessons are set to a minimum time but you can take as much time as you need beyond that. Don’t rush through the material in the lessons and feel free to take notes.

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This course is approved for the following:

  • Fire Protection Contractors 1 & 2
  • Fire Protection Contractor 4
  • Fire Safety Inspector 1